Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Veteran Vision Project and Veterans Summit

Last Friday, October 9th, the University of Central Missouri hosted the Veterans Summit in which Devin Mitchell, participated as a panelist. This event discussed several topics including veterans suicide rate, PTSD, reintegration to civilian life and the many services veterans receive when they return home from active duty. Devin Mitchell talked about how his project has served as a healing resource for veterans and how important non-profit organization are to veterans.

Veteran Vision Project Exhibition 
Photo by Christian Cutler

Todd Nicely, one of the veterans featured in Devin Mitchell's photographs, was also a panelist in this event. Nicely talked about his experience with the VA and how he is willing to re-learn balance everyday using his prosthetic arms and legs.

Veteran Vision Project Tour 
Photo by Christian Cutler

After the Summit, the panelists from The Veterans Summit visited the UCM Gallery of Art & Design to talk about the Veteran Vision Project. In the tour, Devin Mitchell discussed his work with some veteran participants of the project, and panelists, Mr. Ron Pierce, Senior Director of the PBS Veterans Initiative; Seth Kastle, author of the book Why is Dad so Mad?; and other military officers and panelists.

Devin Mitchell 
Photo by Christian Cutler

The tour was a success due to the visit and participation of veterans, students and other members of the Warrensburg community that talked about their experience when the L.A. photographer was making their portraits. Some veterans mentioned that the exhibition was a great way to communicate what they have felt and a good way for viewers to understand what they have gone through.

Devin Mitchell, panelists and veterans Photo by
Christian Cutler
Veteran Vision Exhibition 
Photo by Christian Cutler

The Daily Star Journal, covered the event and explained the discussion in its newspaper.  The article is attached below:

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by Christian Cutler and Katherine Urquijo 

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