Friday, October 30, 2015

Visiting the exhibition The Veteran Vision Project by Devin Mitchell

Many students and staff members of the UCM Community, Whiteman Air Force Base, Warrensburg Community and general public visited the Veteran Vision Project Exhibition in the UCM Gallery of Art & Design. Some of them shared their thoughts and feelings about the exhibit. We share in this post some of these comments. We thank all the public that visited the exhibition and hope you visit us again in upcoming events. 

Devin Mitchell's photo essay is extended through November 12th, 2015. Did you like the exhibit too? Leave a comment here! 
"Amazing exhibit, very inspiring!" - SSgt C. 
"I found your pieces to be really powerful."- Dean M. 
"The exhibition helps the reality of our 15 + years of combat jumping right out at you." - Lt. Col Gavin T.

"Devin this is very thought, provoking, portraits. It captures pride, pain, confusion and shame of different service men and women. I felt the full range of each of the subjects... and I don't think any book could have done that." - Arnold G. 

"Those are absolutely amazing! I lost my best friend of 7 years to suicide due to PTSD from the war... Never an easy thing, these are just a reminder of him and the struggle it can be. They are very powerful and amazing. Thank you so much! God Bless!" - Kayla W.

" I love the cosplayers from RWBY, its neat and inspiring to see veterans using Anime to cope with PTSD." - Anonymous 

"Outstanding exhibit which helps truly reflect on the hidden and obvious injuries, associated with military service. It really helps appreciate the sacrifices those in uniform make for our nation." - N.H.

"This is such an amazing exhibition reflecting on the soldiers that have fought for our freedom. I am happy to know I am safe because of the men and women like in these photographs that have fought for our country. In honor of my brother who is in the Navy doing the very same thing, I am one proud American and citizen. Thank you!" - Anonymous

" What a wonderful way to capture the lives of our military heroes. I will be bringing my family to this exhibit." - Melissa W.

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