Sunday, November 1, 2015

Upcoming Senior Exhibitions Fall 2015

By the end of the semester, students earning a BFA or BSE in Art are required by the Department of Art & Design at the University of Central Missouri to hold a senior exhibition and present their work to a working professional. The Gallery of Art & Design provides the opportunity for students to present a body of work in a formal public setting for professional review. These exhibitions are very fun and interesting because students have the opportunity to present their work to professionals, family and friends.The decoration of this space might line up with the artist style or theme.  

Examples of Interior Design Exhibitions
Graphic Design, Illustration, and Interior Design students participate in an industry professional review day. Held during the senior exhibition, the Design Professional Day includes reviews from industry professionals. Prior to the event, the faculty advisor provides interview time and location. Students are required to dress professionally, prepare to discuss their work, future goals, and present themselves in a professional manner. This process of the exhibition is the most important part because many students have the opportunity to explain the design, intentions and other elements to the industry professionals in a proper space. 

Examples of Graphic Design and Illustration Exhibitions

Studio Art and Art Education seniors participate in two reviews of their presented work. The first is an outside professional review and the other is a faculty review. The reviews take place during the senior exhibition held in the Gallery. The outside professional review date is announced prior to exhibition and is scheduled by faculty advisors. For the faculty review, it is the student's responsibility to discuss a review time with their faculty advisor and additional participants. A review team includes lead professors in the student's studio area and a second faculty member. Art Education majors should include a faculty member from their area of emphasis and their Art Education advisor. It is suggested to schedule faculty reviews prior to the opening of the exhibition to avoid faculty time constraints. On the day of the review, is suggested to the students to be prepared to discuss their art, progress, and future goals.

Examples of Studio Art Exhibits

This year, the UCM Gallery of Art & Design will exhibit the 2015 Interior Design Senior Exhibition on November 19 through December 5, 2015 in Gallery 115. The reception for the designers will be on November 21, from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. More information about the Graphic Design, Illustration and Studio Art Exhibitions soon. 


  1. Fabulous idea of designing a place like this. I am an interior designer and I am also designing an event space Chicago for my best friend’s art show and here I can see that complete justice has been done to the place. The hammer is placed in the middle so nicely that it is not an obstruction. The area looks mind blowing.